We live and breathe weddings...

This isn't just a side hustle for us, we are full-time wedding photographers. it's our bread and butter. Each year we cover anything between 60 to 100 weddings, every single one of them planned meticulously with our couples always at the centre of what we do. When you book with us, you aren't just getting a creative photographer, you are booking an experienced wedding professional.

Lets keep things chilled...

Our approach to weddings is simple, keep it chilled, keep it relaxed, keep it friendly. Our style is a mix of documentary and reportage, with a dash of editorial. This means that we capture all the beautiful natural moments of your day, but still with an eye for detail. We will take the time to capture stunning portraits, but without turning your day into an eight-hour photoshoot. Its your day, you should be there to enjoy it!

An Album to Cherish...

A photo takes on new life and new beauty when printed, that's our core belief at Huw & Dale. Our albums are printed on archive-quality paper, with lay-flat pages that look stunning and allow us the creativity and freedom to tell your story. Couple that with a huge choice of colours and customization options, and we have the recipe to create a truly personal family treasure to cherish forever more.

Albums are included as standard on our Gold Photography package, including a matching box and USB with all the memories of your day!

Some of our favourite venues...

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Pricing & Packages

Choosing Huw & Dale for your wedding photography isn't just a splurge—it's a true investment. Think of it like freezing time on the most love-soaked day of your life. A skilled photographer isn't just snapping pics; they're capturing the real-deal emotions, the laughs, the sweet glances, all the love vibes. Those photos aren't just pretty pictures; they're a storybook of your wedding, ready to transport you back to that magical day. So, investing in great wedding photography? It's like wrapping up the feels and the beauty of your big day, keeping them forever in the coolest time capsule ever.


Full Day coverage by two photographers, including:
Prep at one location // Ceremony // Group and Romantic Photos // Reception and Speeches // Cutting the cake // First Dance // Evening photography
Secure online gallery
Luxury 10x10" Album with USB and Box



Full Day coverage by one photographers, including:
Prep at one location // Ceremony // Group and Romantic Photos // Reception and Speeches // Cutting the cake // First Dance // Evening photography
Secure online gallery
Price includes luxury memory stick.



One videographer // Full day coverage: Prep to First Dance // Edited cinematic film along with separate speeches film.



Full day filming of your special day. From preparations to first dance with multi camera angles and drone footage wherever possible. Edited cinematic film along with separate speeches, trailer and highlights. Also includes video messages from guests.


Content Creation

This can be added to any of our photography or video packages. We provide a selection of photos and short video clips that will be ready within 48 hours with a small selection available on the day.



Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutly, though we prefer to provide bespoke prices for destination weddings, so please do get in touch and we can work together to create the perfect destination wedding package for you!

Will there be a second shooter?

This is dependant on the package you have chosen, however if your package does not include a second shooter then please do get in touch.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

While we do not put a fixed limit on our time at the venue on a wedding day, generally we leave around 30 mins after the first dance. We are more than happy to stay later for sparklers or fireworks, depending on how late this may incure a fee.

What kind of gear do you use?

We use Full Frame Sony mirrorless cameras. However, we believe the what really counts in the making of the image is the 12 inches behind the camera! Please don't get caught up in what cameras we use, look to our portofio instead!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Digital downloads are included in all our wedding packages, this includes a license to print your pictures yourself. However, it would really make our day if you did decide to print through us! By printing through us, we can guarantee the paper's quality and the colour's accuracy.

What about the RAW files?

RAW Files are the building blocks of good professional photography. In most cases, its very rare that most people would even be able to use the RAW files as they reuire specialised software to open. RAWs must be processed into usable JPEG image files that can then be printed and/or published online. Our proccessing style is not simply a filter, we spend hours carefully colour grading and perfecting each photo, it is a key part of our overall style, that also encompasses our approach to your day, what lenses we use, how we compose our shots and much more. For these reasons, it is our policy not to publish RAW files. For us, doing so would be like a baker giving his customers flour and eggs instead of providing a delicious and memorable cake!

Have you worked at our Venue? Would you be happy to visit?

If your venue is in South Wales the answer is most likely a resounding YES! We are very well established here and have work in most of the major wedding venues here. That said, new venues pop up every day, and there are some we simply havnt had the plesure of working at yet. While we are deeply confident in our ability to create stunning photos anywhere, if you feel you would rather us visit your venue beforehand, this is something we can discuss and arrange if possible. Get in contact to find out more!

Do we need to give you a shot list?

Generally speaking, we know exactly what to shoot on your wedding day, you don't need to give us a list. you can have full confidence that all the important aspects will be covered. Where a list would be appreciated is in the case of group photos. If a short curated list of key group photos could be provided to us (Preferably no more than 10 groups), that will allow us to make sure everyone who is important to you is captured. Have you got something out of the ordinary in mind? add that on too!... But dont forget to tell us beforehand.

Do you offer preshoots?

Yes! We love a pre-shoot, they are a great way for us to get to know you and for you to learn more about how we work! Please do contact us if you would like to arrange one!

Do we need to provide you food?

Shooting a wedding is a long day with not many opportunity's for breaks or snacks. We are with you for longer than any other vendor on your day, so providing food to us helps to keep us going and gives us a break. Honestly and simply it means the world to us! (and it means we don't have to leave the venue!)

While it is not written in to our contract, we do request a hot meal (either what your guests are having, or a bar meal is great). Its a good idea to speak to your venue about this, as some venues will have supplier meals that they can add on, some even do this for free! Either way, please do let us know, as if there is no meal for us we will have to leave the venue for a short time in order to get our own food and have our break.

Do we need to cover travel costs?

Only in specific cases where your wedding entails an unreasonable amount of traveling, if your concerned this may apply to you, please do get in touch.

Will you be the primary photographer on the day?

We are Huw & Dale and we work as a team, however sometimes we need a day off. In most cases you will have both us, however sometimes one of us may be replaced by one of our highly skilled and talented team. do not be alarmed or worried by this! We only work with professionals, and they have been hand picked. In fact, the work of out team is here on this website interspersed with our own... bet you didn't notice!

Can our guests take photos?

We of course encourage guests to take their own photos throughout the day. We ask is that they do so respectfully, and if possible we would prefer they only use phones or non-professional cameras (no SLR's, Mirrorless or other pro level cameras). We have found that guests with larger, profesional looking cameras, tend to distract people when we are posing groups, and you end up with photos where people are looking at the wrong camera. They are also quite unsightly to see in the background of your photos. Consider the benefits of an unplugged wedding day

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and we would be more than happy to provide any evidence needed of this upon request!

How long will our Photos/Film take to arrive?

While we strive to process photos and videos as quickly as possible, we do also get very busy! Generally speaking photos will take between 6-8 weeks to finish, but at busy time this can go up to 10. Videos take a bit longer, generaly speaking 8-10 weeks, but again, at busy times, this can go up to around 12 weeks, If you have any concerns please get in touch, and don't be afraid to ask for a couple of sneak peaks!

Do you include an album?

Our Gold package is the poackage for you! This includes a beautiful 10x10 album with 10 spreads (roughly 60 photos) as standard, with the option to upgrade to a larger if required. Albums can also be added to the silver package, contact us to find out more.

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