Motion and Sound...

Film compliments wedding photography so perfectly, where your photography will capture perfect moments of love, your film will immerse you in the sounds and stories of your day.

We work a little differently to many other videographers, where others provide only a 5 to 10 minute film, we provide something a little more comprehensive. You can expect your main film to be more in the 20 to 30 minute region. Comprising of an opening section set to music that covers the morning preparations, followed by the highlights of your ceremony (Brides entrance, vows, exchange of rings). This is then followed by a montage of guests mingling, beautiful shots of yourselves from your portrait session, and some details such the venue and your decorations, again set to music. The main film then wraps up with your first dance in its entirety, and a few fun highlights from the dancefloor. Your speeches, are provided in their entirety as a separate clip, though some select moment can be included in your film if desired.

With the "Film" Package you will receive two clips, the main film and the speeches. with the "Cinema" package, you will receive the main film, a shorter highlights cut (around 10 to 15 minutes), a trailer cut (1-2 minutes set to music), your speeches, and a selection of video messages from your guests. All of our packages include drone footage as standard, though this does rely on good weather, permission from your venue, and appropriate conditions.

Watch our trailers below to see how we cinematically tell your wedding story, and if you would like to see examples of full wedding films, please feel free to get in contact with us and we may be able to send you a film we have shot at your venue!

Nathan & Lauren at Hensol Castle

Ash & Sam at Llangoed Hall

Sophie & Lewis at Canada Lodge

Becky & Dave at Mounton Brook Lodge



One videographer // Full day coverage: Prep to First Dance // Edited cinematic film along with separate speeches film.



Full day filming of your special day. From preparations to first dance with multi camera angles and drone footage wherever possible. Edited cinematic film along with separate speeches, trailer and highlights. Also includes video messages from guests.



So what do you actually film?

We cover the bride prep, ceremony, reportage, speeches, and the first dance. We spend the day watching for the little memorable moments, the laughter and the love. For the Prep and reportage, we take these clips and edit them into a beautiful cinematic montage with music to match the emotion and story of your day. For the ceremony, speeches and first dance, we use multi-camera set-ups to capture all the angles, the reactions, and the personal connections. These are edited in full so you don’t miss a thing.

Will I be able to hear myself?

Of course! While we do use music over the prep and reportage sections, during the ceremony and speeches, we use profesional high quality lapel mics to make sure every word can be heard clearly.

Can I choose my music?

Music can be a difficult conversation for videographers. The simple fact is that most popular music is out of bounds due to copyright, and while some people may be happy to use any music they find, the law is the law and using music without permission or license is illegal. We use a service called Artlist, which allows us to be licensed for a selection of beautiful high-quality music tracks. Please feel free to head to the website if you would like to find your own tracks to use, but please bear in mind if you decide to choose the music yourself, then we can not start editing your video until those tracks have been selected. We have picked out a selection ourselves that we think is perfect for your wedding film, and we update it regularly, you can find that here:

Does this mean popular music is completely out of bounds? There are ways of licensing pop music, this could incur significant charges. This could also mean that you may not be able to publish your wedding film online.

What time do you finish?

We film your wedding day all the way through to the first dance. This tends to be the perfect place at which to finish, however if there’s a busy dance floor afterwards we love tio get some clips of your guests having fun, or perhaps a final shot of you both together.

Do you shoot HD or 4K?

All of our weddings films are now shot in stunning 4K. If you need a particular format, please let us know and we will do our best to create a film to fit your needs.

Do you use a drone?

We do, and its included at no extra cost. However, we will only use our drone where it is safe and legal to do so, where we have permission to do so, and in the correct and appropriate conditions.

We are fully licensed and insured to fly our drone in the UK, and we are more than happy to provide proof should you or your venue require it.

How will I receive my film?

Initially you will receive your video via our online gallery, this is the quickest way for us to get your film to you once it is complete. Following this, we send you a memory stick containing your film and any other additional clips. Regrettably, due to supply and compatibility issues, we can no longer provide DVD or Blu-ray copies of your film.

Can I upgrade to cinema after my wedding?

We can create a longer edit, or add the trailer and highlights clips, however if you book us for a "Film" package there are something that we simply wont film, such as messages from your guests meaning that we wont be able to add that afterwards.

Can I request edits to my film after I have received it?

This is highly dependant on the edit in question. Our films are very carefully edited and curated, so making changes can lead to whole sections of the film having to be changed. Because of the this there may be charges for any requested edits, the cost of which we be dependant on the specifics of the requested edit.

Can I upload my film to social media?

We can provide a trailer version which is perfect for social media, and wont set of any copyright infringements!

How long will my film to take to be ready?

Films take a maximum of 12 weeks, however, we strive to get them out to you as soon as we can, and we average around 4-6 weeks. If you are getting married through peak season please do be patient with us, we work very hard to get everyone's films out to them as best we can.

Do you have a question?

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Can I hav some clips on the day for social media?

Well we actually offer content creation as an add on, this can be filmed in vertical ready for social media platforms. Some clips will be provided on the day, with a further selection the within 24 hours, totalling about 4 to 6 clips of 30 seconds each. The content creation package also includes a selection of about 40 photos from your day ready within 24 hours.