Oh, but that dress...

Ok let's be honest here, we were pretty excited about the dress. We see a lot of bridal gowns and every single one is beautiful... but not every single one is black. Bethan and Sam weren't interested in doing things everyone else's way, this was their wedding, no one else's. Honestly, I couldn't give better advice to anyone planning their wedding than to take a leaf out of Beth and Sam's book. It's simply THE way to make sure you have the best day, and if you want any proof, just look at the smiles in every single picture...

Family is important, so a prep at home with Mum, Dad, Sisters and bridesmaids was the obvious choice. The bright kitchen was the perfect place for makeup, with hair upstairs, and the dress (THE Dress) hanging, waiting, in Mum and Dad's room. the morning madness of prep is always fun to capture, even more so when you have a group so ready to enjoy every moment.

At Sant Ffraed, the Groom awaits with his groomsmen...

When your theme is black and white, there's no venue more perfect than Sant Ffraed House

Bethan arrives at Sant Ffraed

Either this dress was made for Sant Ffraed, or Sant Ffraed was made for this dress... regardless, Beth rocked them both as she strode down the aisle towards an awestruck Sam waiting at the end. The ceremony was personal, with a reading from Beth's mum. There were smiles, laughter, nervous glances (from Sam). But most of all, there was a sense of comfort, these two know who they are, what they are about, and who they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Who cares what the weatherman says?

Outside for that classic whole group photo on the stairs... and then quickly back inside as the wind and the rain pick up! Well, this is Wales after all. Sant Ffraed staff had removed all the chairs from the ceremony room in a matter of minutes, leaving us a beautiful space to create a selection of stunning group photos, before moving across to the other building for drinks and canapes in a slick and contemporary bar. Beth and Sam's family and friends chat and catch up while we move between the crowds capturing the natural moments of laughter and emotion that come with such family events. A quick sneak into the main room so we can capture a few details before everyone is invited in to take their seats... while we take Beth and Sam for some portraits.

Portraits are all about you...

When it comes to weddings, we see ourselves as a hybrid of documentary and editorial, but with a much larger focus on the documentary side. We are chilled, and so are our couples, but that doesn't mean that they don't want their 15 minutes of fame. We took Beth and Sam for their portraits and were done in 20 minutes... we don't mean to toot our own horn, but we can do a lot in 20 minutes, especially when you have a stunning location and a beautiful couple who know how to take everything in their stride and laugh their way through life together...

Down those shots! (It's an Olwalls tradition) and then into to meet your adoring fans... Oh wait, we mean family! Either way, we make sure were are there to capture that grand entrance in style. Dine on some incredible food, stopping halfway for a quick bottle of champers. and then into the speeches.

Time to cut that cake, and get dancing. No candle-lit piano balled here, Beth and Sam stayed true to their roots with a first dance to rock too. Then everyone up on the floor, family and friends living in the moment... and of course we are in the middle of it all, camera in hand, ready to capture the madness!

A lesson for us all...

Embrace everything, do things your way, and laugh through it all. That's how Beth and Sam approached their day. So what if it rained, let's get out there and get some amazing photos to remember an amazing day!

Vendors and Suppliers

Venue: Sant Ffraed House - @santffraedhouse

Dress: All About Eve Bridal - @allaboutevebridalwear

Wedding Planner: Sarah Louise Wedding Planner - @sarahlouiseweddingplanner

Suits - Slaters Menswear - @slatermenswear

Photography - Huw and Dale - @huwanddale